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        ❛ Is that humor i hear? since when did you learn that?

                  In the presence of the angel, hinted in a rugged
            tone  was  a rare form of grandeur; that he was  still
            capable to stand in his damaged condition and that
            the daemon nearly stifled out a laugh.

                  Empty hues that stared down the celestial being
            that  stood  before  him, now flickered back  to  their
            cold  olive green color; a reminder of who the  being
            used to be.

                          ❛ You’re the one that came to me,
                                      i’m just having some fun. ❜

"Despite being a ethereal, celestial being, I was never as stupid as you may have assumed I was."

Castiel starts to move, slowly. Circling the other. He finds his breath already shortening within a dozen paces, and regrettably, he comes to a stop again. 

"This is not an improvement. Your soul is worse than when I pulled it out of Hell."

And that’s what stings him most; the last seven years, all summed futile.

"Dean, you’re better than this."

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angst sentence starters yay [2014-10-20]
  • i have used my satan powers to make another one of these, angst list 2.0

  • "You're not welcome here anymore."

  • "Could you tell the truth for once?"

  • "Don't touch me!"

  • "I've always hated you."

  • "Don't go where I can't follow."

  • "N-no... anything b-but that... p-please..."

  • "You sicken me."

  • "Why should I believe you?"

  • "You're a monster!"

  • "If you beg I might have mercy on you."

  • "I will kill you slowly and laugh as I watch the light leave your eyes."

  • "I thought you loved me."

  • "Why should I care about you?"

  • "Get away from me!"

  • "I have three months to live."

  • "I don't need your pity."

  • "No... No! NO! STOP!"

  • "I will cut you to pieces bit by bit until there's nothing left."

  • "Go ahead and cry, see if I care."

  • "I'm dying."

  • "You have two months to live."

  • "You don't love me."

  • "Don't think you can escape me."

  • "The buyers will go crazy over you."

  • "I will kill your family and make you watch."

  • "How could anyone love a monster like me?"

  • "Are you drunk again?"

  • "Don't shoot!"

  • "What am I living for anymore?"

  • "I can't... not anymore..."

  • "Pick a god and pray."

  • "Don't bother screaming, no one can hear you."

  • "I will do anything for you."

  • "You killed my family."

  • "It's all your fault."

  • "Disgusting."

  • "Don't forget that I own you."

  • "I can't breathe."

  • "You've been crying haven't you?"

  • "Who could ever love a monster like you?"

  • "I will bring you unimaginable pain until death comes as a blessing."

  • "Let's see... boiling water or red hot iron next..."

  • "Why didn't you tell me about this?"

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    ( thursdays-soldier )

                            ❛ Well if it isn’t saint castiel? 
                                         how’s the grace, buddy?

                       Snide humor was entwined on his
                  barbed tongue that spit cynicism like
                  poison  as  eyes  obscure as  a  night
                  without  stars  were  visible,   filtered
                  over his forest hues. through his new
                  set  of  eyes  he saw  the  truth, what
                  was really  hidden  behind barrowed
                  flesh;   the   inner  workings   of   the
                  machine, his grace.


                       He was sure though, that this was
                  a two sided deal, that his own twisted
                  soul was revealed.

    Horrified isn’t the only word that plagues his being; standing as the two beings (after an eternity) finally meet again. 

    Even as Dean snipes the comment, Castiel feels like laying down and napping, but he forces a glare on his expression as he considers the soul (remnant of) that is making the… thing, wearing Dean’s skin in front of him.

    "I can," He starts, pausing to hold back a cough, "hardly say that your soul is shining brightly, either.

    What is it you want, if not just to mock me?”

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    Mark of Cas || talkaboutwinchester [2014-10-17]



    — "My own thievery?”

    "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

        Dean raises a hand to gesture obscenely, but stops; Castiel is surely much stronger and much easier to provoke. “You think I was tryin’ to help you? If I wanted to be cured I woulda found you and little Sammy sooner. I could’a cared less about you dyin’, Cas, I was a demon. And I want it all back.

    "So I’m askin’ real pretty fer that mark."

    "You were the one to take the mark to begin with, without acknowledging consequences. That is tantamount to thievery. Am I finally on your level?"

    His eye catches the flinch of Dean’s hand, and slowly, surely, he steps ever closer to the Winchester, circling him lazily. 

    "Dean, I’m not sure you do. You’ve spent so much of the last seven years forgetting who I am; I made you. I’ve seen every mark of your soul. You would never have wanted this curse. You’re too good, too righteous, even as a demon.

    But the power… I can understand that.

    And with a simple flick of his hand, he flings Dean back into a wall, watching him with some minor amusement.

    "I suggest you leave. The mark is not yours."

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    ❝ Perhaps you should worry about your own blasphemy, brother.  I have no sins, not that God does not know, and none that He has not forgiven me for. ❞


    ❝ I should kill you — but I won’t. ❞

    "There is no reason that Father would not know of my own sins, considering his omnipresence."

    "If you are not going to kill me, I feel your fruitless threats should come to an end."

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    Dean swallowed hard as Castiel grabbed him. His face only inches from the snarling angel’s, he could only grit his teeth in return as the heated lecture was delivered. He stumbled back as he was released but was back on the other man in a second, hand pushing his shoulder.

    "So you cry when it’s one of your douchebag angel buddies, but when it’s some human — oh, just bury him and hurry up. That doesn’t matter, huh?” He turned his back, eyes glancing down at the dead man at his feet once more.


    "Ya’know what, you take care of him. I’m done," he said as he began to walk away.

    Castiel doesn’t allow the hunter to take more than a few mere steps. He repeats Dean’s action, grabbing him by the arm, and twisting him back to face him.

    "Don’t you dare claim what I do and do not prioritise.” He spits. “I have done nothing but run after your causes and your consequences. I have to kill my own brothers and sisters because of that.” He pushes him, almost childishly, back. “I gave up everything for earth once before. How could you decide where my cares apparently lay?”

    He breathes, fists clenched. He looks away for a moment.

    "Dean, you’re upset. You need to calm down."

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            “—— Alright, Cas, I believe you.


    [The plate is thrust in Dean’s hands. He waits expectantly.]

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    "There’s a lot of reason for me to be angry, Cas.”


    "Please, Sam. List them."

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    castiel meme: (2/6) favorite traits
    dangerously clever

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