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Misha + talking about his childhood

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spn meme  [2/7] outfits  End!Cas

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Purgatory is many things to many people, but few are the ones that actually get to experience it. Even less know it as he does, as a place of in-between, neither Heaven nor Hell, crawling with all sorts of monsters that would make most hunters shudder, and definitely no place for any celestial being.

Glaring blood-red eyes peer out from the gloom. Snarls echo around the bare, hollow, and rapidly decaying trees. The sky is not the blue of day, but rather looking of dusk or nighttime, as if day itself has ceased to exist. And for those beyond primal intelligence, threats from these monsters and beasts can be heard as well.

But despite the human-like fatigue coursing through him, he remains determined to not show fear. He cannot afford to. There is something else (or perhaps even someone, though he realizes that chance is diminutive) nearby as well. And like a moth to an open flame, Gabriel draws closer until painfully familiar, albeit messier now, dark hair is in sight.

Staring, gaping, flashes of images like those of a reel at the cinemas enter his mind. Ones of this man before him (though he appears younger in these) as well as himself (also younger) laughing, smiling, gazing towards stars and galaxies, walking alongside one another… These memories are so vivid he feels that they could be tangible. And then, as if punched in the chest, he realizes the relation to the other male, though his tone conveys rare uncertainty and hesitance.



He’ll admit; Gabriel was the last person he expected to see here. Twisting around, Castiel pulls himself to his feet in the direction of the voice. 

There’s a hesitance at the likelihood of this being a shifter, but Castiel can sense the grace in him like a beacon, and he half wonders why he didn’t spot it before. 

Gabriel. He remembers the time when the Winchesters informed him of his supposed death; an almost offhand to the conversation about the five rings. It struck him - but like with all manner of things back then - Gabriel’s death was simply a sacrifice to the cause they were working for.

"… Gabriel."

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reinainfierno || Hello, Darkness (my old friend) [2014-08-18]


     ”I know that, Castiel. But it’s something that people do when they want to have a friendly chat, isn’t it?” Abaddon spoke in a hushed voice, worried that her demons might overhear their conversation and realise the connection between her and Castiel. The redhead disappeared from the spot she was standing in, and reappeared right next to him.

     ”If you think about it, as long as you’re talking with me, I won’t be harming anyone at all.”

Her words strike him and Castiel’s eyed widen. She makes a point. 

Head tilts. “That’s not true. You could have demons out doing harm right now.”v

But he turns back, anyway, and moves back closer to the angel-turned-demon. He remains emotionless; soldier like.

He half wonders what the reaction be if their past was overheard by demons. Would they use that against her? Would it be an advantage or disadvantage?

Castiel was tired of strategics. Of leadership. All he would like to do is be at the Winchester’s bunker, not having to lead a group who’s fault for being in this position laid on his shoulders.

"… Well?"

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     ”Then that means the good ones are true too.” 

     Her head is still tilted to the side, ever so slightly, gaze never straying from him. 

     There’s a great many things wandering through her mind; how he managed to pick the one place in town where she was hiding, how he was even still alive after all he’s been through, why did he get saddled with leadership when there are others more comfortable with it? There are thousands more flitting across her mind, each question more puzzling than the last. 

      She almost missed his answer she was so lost in her thoughts. 

     ”That’s all that can be asked of us, Castiel. No one is wise or smart enough to know where the smallest decision will lead them the next day, where it will place them in their friend’s and family’s hearts. Hell, no one even knows if why they do the things they do is a good reason to do them at all.”

     Hael shrugged, tucking a loose strand of red away behind one ear. 

     ”If you think you did them for the right reasons, and then did the best you could do, you did what you were supposed to.”

"That does not deny the fact that I have actively caused harm and death to others. Even to those I care about."

He flickers his gaze up, though, and look at Hael. 

"… Thank you. It is rare for anyone to bestow such grace to me."

He suddenly straightens. He feels he’s overstepped his time as it is.

"Hael, I should probably leave you. Angels that are seen talking to me are usually… incapacitated. I’m sorry to have place that threat on you."

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     Hael frowned, sitting back on her stool as she listened, hands folded in her lap and back as straight as she can manage. It’s strange, being in the presence of another angel after so long, but far more strange than that is hearing one not try and defend himself - at least, not in the was she is familiar with. 

      “Oh… All of them?” 

     One eyebrow quirked, gaze evaluating him. 

     ”I know what he had in mind, it’s just… So many of us have forgotten that was our original and current job. I don’t think I’ve seen a single one of us take the time to help since we fell.”

     She fell silent again. Thinking. 

     ”Did you do them for the right reasons?”

"I imagine all of them, yes."

A sigh leaves him at Hael’s point. He knows that it’s true, and something inside aches because of it. A remnant of his original rebellion.

"I have tried to encourage the angels I lead to do so, but the vast majority lack any real concern for the humans around them. They just wish to return home Which is… understandable. I simply fail to understand why they have decided to follow me when I am the one to cause the fall to begin with."

The question silences him for a number of minutes. Fists are clenched during that time, and as he slowly looks up, his eyes feel a little moist. He murmurs his answer.

"… I hope so."

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     She keeps her voice low, weary now, for some strange reason. Maybe it’s fear, or awe, or both at meeting the angel that went from a soldier, to a commander, to something resembling God and back again. 

     ”Lots of them. About things you’ve done in recent years.”

     Hael brings her hands together, wringing them as she poke, a habit that had leaked through from her vessel.

     ”About you saving the righteous man, and starting a war among us again. About - about you opening the gates to Purgatory and releasing the Leviathans, only to help put them back again and getting stuck in there yourself.” 

     ”But, more recently… Stories about another war going on between you and the scribe, about you sending angels to their deaths again and again and being merciless…”

     She raises her head to meet his eyes, “But, those stories paint you to be something I’m beginning to think you’re not. The Castiel painted in those wouldn’t stop to help a human woman with stupid men who can’t take a hint…”

"I think, unfortunately, those stories are true."

He avoids her gaze for the most part, only alllowing himself to meet it briefly.

"Metatron and I are in a war. There are angels dying under my leadership. But I… I never wanted this. I’m not a leader. Everyone dies."

He’s sick and tired of having to make decisions. Of being responsible. Of being accused.

"Many, many have died under my hands. The stories have every right to paint me as a murderer. I have unwashable blood on my hands."

He stares at her in response to his defensive move. It’s almost incredulous.

"We are angels, Hael. It was and is our job to protect the humans. You knew what intent that male had. - As, hypocritical as that may sound coming from me…”

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Your character walks in on mine having a violent flashback and is forced to pin them down for both of their safety. Send me, ‘wake up’ for my character’s reaction/coming to with yours still on top of them. [2014-08-16]

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Sam took the final sip of his drink and leant back slowly in his chair. He looked up toward the angel with his eyes wide and wandering. The hunter tried to smile but looked more like he was in pain.

"I dunno Cas, I was drinking and.. and then I thought about…"

He let out a bitter laugh, then sighed and rested his head on his shaking hands.

"What did you want again, Cas?"

One press of his palm to Sam’s forehead and Castiel could remove the alcohol from his blood. Or, at least, that used to be a most simple of miracles that he could completel.

Now, he was so hesitant about what would remove his grace, that telekinesis was horrifying to think about completing. It doesn’t take an angel to see the masked pain behind Sam’s words.

"You called me down, Sam. I think - I think it would be good for you to lie down. And sleep."

Questions seared in his chest.

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     She’s up and out of her seat before she realizes what she’s doing, placing a light hand on his shoulder. 

     ”—I’m sorry, that was a dumb question. I should have seen that before I spoke.”

     Her hand falls the her side and her head bows, shifting from one foot to the other. It was a hell of a conclusion to jump to, even if based on so many stories. She didn’t know how many of the stories were true. Her curiosity was getting the better of her, if the tales were true and painted him like some reckless rogue angel, what he had done didn’t add up to that. They couldn’t be true. 

     ”I’m not uncomfortable, honest, just curious. I can’t stop you from leaving, but… I’d like it if you stayed. The stories I’ve heard, now that I see you in person I don’t think they’re exactly true…” 

As the hand rests on his shoulder, Castiel leans on his back foot. He should leave. Angels like Hael who seem to have no loyalty tend to end up getting caught in the crossfire when they came across Castiel. He was tired enough of things dying because of him as it is.

But the opening of a second chance, of acceptance, feels so strange yet his chest tightens at the thought, and instead he turns around to face the angel again. He looks down.

"What are the stories that you’ve heard of me?"

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