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it breaks my heart everytime i see something on demon!dean

dean, my poor baby. ;__;

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I think that Castiel really doesn’t see Demon Dean as Dean. He sees him as a monster that, one way or another, needs to go.
--Misha Collins in how to break my heart in 3 seconds (x)

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SPN | 518 Point of No Return




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dude i’m totally freaking out

i just found out I made my blog July 2012 - two years ago




i thought I made this blog like a year ago what happened

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thefirstwoman asks:
5-10 :)

5:If you couldn’t live in your current country, which one would you like to live in?

I currently live in England. If I wasn’t here currently then I’d go to the USA.

6:Play video games? If so, what is your favorite?

Aw man, used to play all the time. Not so much anymore. The favourite games I played were like Kingdom Hearts, then Animal Crossing. Both are because of the people I got to know as a result of playing those games





9:Why do you role play?

I roleplay because I love to tell stories. I love to explore characters. I love to see what makes people feel, what makes people tick, what experiences someone can go through and how they can change. I’m an emotional person, so it’s a form of catharsis.

10:Favorite Fandom?

I don’t have one. All Fandoms are both of people, and both bad and good things happen as a result. It’s your own experiences and take on it that can affect what you view a particular ‘fandom’ as.

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Munday asks [2014-07-21]
  • 1: Favorite Food?

  • 2: Favorite Color?

  • 3: Favorite animal?

  • 4: Pets?

  • 5: If you couldn't live in your current country, which one would you like to live in?

  • 6: Play video games? If so, what is your favorite?

  • 7: Job?

  • 8: Age?

  • 9: Why do you role play?

  • 10: Favorite Fandom?

  • 11: Favorite Character from the fandom you are role playing from

  • 12: Favorite Thing in the whole world

  • 13: What makes your best friend, your best friend?

  • 14: What is the best thing you've ever done?

  • 15: What is the worst thing you've ever done?

  • 16: What's your follower count?

  • 17: How many people do you follow?

  • 18: What was the date of when you first went on Tumblr?

  • 19: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Or Sherlock?

  • 20: Favorite TV show?

  • 21: Job? If too young, what would you want to have for a job?

  • 22: Pet Peeve?

  • 23: OCD?

  • 24: Most notes you've ever gotten on a post.

  • 25: Something you hate

  • 26: Something you like

  • 27: Something you don't like, but you don't hate it either.

  • 28: Something you always wanted when you were little.

  • 29: Do you believe in God?

  • 30: What is your favorite thing to do?

  • 31: What was your favorite thing to do when you were little?

  • 32: What is one thing you want to do before you die?

  • 33: What was the worst decision you've ever made in your life?

  • 34: What do you think was the best decision you've made in your life?

  • 35: Favorite sport?

  • 36: Have any Hobbies?

  • 37: Favorite past time?

  • 38: Are you shy?

  • 39: Ever had a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

  • 40: Gender?

  • 41: Ever broken a bone?

  • 42: Do you have a good reputation or a bad one?

  • 43: What was the most awkward thing someone has asked you?

  • 44: What was the worst thing someone has asked you?

  • 45: Do you like when people ask you questions?

  • 46: Favorite snack?

  • 47: Favorite role player?

  • 48: How many posts have you liked?

  • 49: Favorite movie?

  • 50: Favorite Disney Movie?

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    Hᴜʀʀɪᴄᴀɴᴇ [2014-07-20]



    Meg wasn’t sure what kind of reaction her reappearance in the world would receive, but she’d hoped for a little more than this. Still, she shoves it down with a cocky grin and wipes her blade off on the clothing of one of the corpses.


         ”You and the rest of the world, feathers.”

    The demon’s not going to admit how close her demise came to being truth; he doesn’t need to know and ego won’t let her tell him even if she’d wanted to. Instead, she follows Castiel’s glance to his fallen brothers and turns when he brushes past her.

         ”Uh, you’re welcome…?”

    Castiel moves to the outer edges of the area they were both currently surrounded by deceased angels in. He stops, only for a few moments later to turn back around and move to Meg.

    "This battle just sent out a very loud beacon to whoever’s nearby, whether that be angels or demons or supernatural entities in the area. Being here would be very, very, unwise."

    He grabs her arm, possibly forgetting that he’s the only one who can’t just disappear anymore.

    "We need to leave. It’s unsafe."

    He falter; and stares at her as it strikes him. He suddenly lets go.

    "They will try to take advantage of coming after me. You’ll get caught in the crossfire. Again."

    That was always the last thing he wanted. Yet it seemed to happen time after time… after time… after time.

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