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"I never spoke of retribution, I spoke of entitlement." 


"I fail to understand how your anger is not calling you to some form of action."

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"You are not entitled to answers from me. You killed thousands of our family, believed a scribe which led to even more deaths and damage to our kind, and you dare imply that you are better.”


"I have died several times. I returned Purgatory back to it’s form, despite the Leviathan holding on. I took on the stains of Lucifer’s cage. I was mind controlled, and I decided to trust one angel. My grace has been ripped from me. It is not as though I have gone without punishment, Michael.

But what do you consider equal retribution?”

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"I will not accept advice from you, you who dared to take the title of our Father in a fit of megalomania."

"Well, the advice is there."

"… I at least have attempted to fix things. Angels have still considered me a leader, though I do not know why. What do you plan to do?”

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"If you’ve come with excuses, I do not want to hear them."

"I have not said a word. I am not oblivious to my own mistakes. However, maybe you should keep in mind something the Son once said; perhaps looking at the plank in your own eye may benefit."

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"Of all the images I had conjured up if I ever received freedom from the Cage, petty power struggles and attempting usurping of our Father was not any of them."


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my favourite thing about SDCC this year is misha

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The panel starts in two hours and Misha is outside in his jogging clothes and an apron, handing out coffee to people waiting in line.

(via gazetiel)

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i love it because apparently according to my dash misha is just running around SDCC like a kid, getting and slipping into all of the things [even if by technicality he shouldn’t be there]

he’s loving it, and i absolutely adore seeing that.

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Castiel is so done with your shit, Uriel.
Deleted Scene Of Season Four 

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open, [2014-07-26]



"I didn’t realize you were in here."

"Yes, you uh. You have a tendency not to realise my entrances."

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