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I serve Heaven, I don’t serve man. And I certainly don’t serve you.

Things change. people change.. you changed…

You gave up heaven and an entire fucking army of angels for Dean

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Open RP [2014-09-26]



"So, unusual fatigue and abdominal pain. WebMD says I’m dying. What do you think? And I swear to God, if you say a period, I will punch you in the throat."

[Places a hand on your stomach.]

"Appears to be the onset of food poisoning. A small chance your appendix.

And technically, you are dying, anyway.”

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    Her hand traces the line of his jaw delicately before she steps away, casually letting her blade slide out from her sleeve and proceeds examine it. 

    “Good. That makes my life easier.” 

    The unlocked door is long forgotten, all of Ouriel’s focus trained on her conscious captive. What use was the other one if she wouldn’t wake up? 

    “Loyalty is an overused term, it changes much faster and easier than most would expect. I remain loyal to me.”

    The blonde’s head perks up, smiling coldly at Castiel, “Oh, her? She’s of no use to me, I intend to let my people do what they will to her when she awakes.” She returns his gaze, the small smile lingering before she drops all expression, moving closer to him. 

    “I want you to start. There’s a price on your head, and a hefty one at that. I intend for that prize to be mine.
           Since I already have that wish, I want information. Beginning with who she is.”

He feels like spitting in her direction. “We’re all angels here, Ouriel. It’s useless trying to seek after greed. What price do you expect to receive from Metatron? His promises of redemption and a place of power are fake. He works for no one but himself.”

Castiel fails to flinch at the appearance of the blade. He’d died at the hands of the blade once, what would another death make to him?

At the motion towards Hael, his chest crunches. “She is our sister. She has no reason to come to harm. She had made no betrayal. Promise me she will come to no harm. She will be released. Otherwise you can bite me.”

His wrists strangle against the pillar, as though trying to move before her in his hapless position. 

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    “Castiel, I’m not leaving without you, you’re family. Family doesn’t get left beh—” 

    She falls silent at his order, eyes flaring wide for a moment at the door before she closes her eyes and relaxes her neck, head lolling to the side as she peers out through her lashes, observing everything that happens with quiet breaths. 

    It’s a woman that enters, pausing only to remove the key from the door before she continues into the room, hair pulled up into a neat bun and dark eyes cold.


    Hael can feel her gaze sweep over the pair of them, lingering on the ginger’s own limp form before turning to Castiel with an expression on her face that had tones of kindness, and cruelty.

   ”Oh, Castiel. Tut tut, they bloodied you up more then I told them to. They’ll be punished for that.” 

    The woman took a few steps forward, honeyed voice echoing, gently lifting her captives chin with light fingers and turning his face, examining the injuries. 

    “I’m known as Ouriel, brother. Do you know who I am?”

Castiel trains his gaze on the new entrant, making no infliction at the touch on his face.

"Ouriel. Yes, I’ve heard of you."

He briefly leaves her to glance at the door. Unlocked. He notes, nothing more, before looking back up at Ouriel.

"I wasn’t aware of any other faction except Metatron’s and Mine. What’s your loyalty?"

Head turns to the direction of Hael. “Whatever your intent is, she comes to no harm. She has nothing to do with this.”  His voice is fire, and as he turns to look back at his sibling, his gaze is steel.

"What do you want from me?"

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        And another one down.

[Castiel whacks it out of his hand.]

No. Bad. 

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Mark of Cas || talkaboutwinchester [2014-09-22]

This was a moment in time that never should be reached. 

Castiel glances at the male - the demon tied down in front of he and Sam. Blood stains of markings surround the abomination on the floor. A single chair, backed by steel metal. Engravings mark the wrist and ankle cuffs.

Dean Winchester snarls at them, and Sam pulls out a needle. 

"This is for your own good, Dean." His brother says, just as Castiel completes a sigil on the wall. Dean Winchester, about to be cured? Most of Hell would try to put a a stop to that happening.

Abuse and cries and swears and threats are thrown out over the next couple of hours, but slowly, slowly (Castiel scarcely believes it) Dean’s eyes soften. Beads of sweat form on his head. The scowl disappears.

Castiel knows, and Dean knows, but Sam is still there, a blinking flashlight of hope. 

"We can cure you, Dean. We’re nearly there."

Dean takes moments to reply. Castiel shakes his head, and moves in before.

"No, Sam. You need to let it rest."

"Sammy, I… You need to let me go…" Dean finally manages out. "The mark… it…"

"Dean. Give it to me."

Dean stares. He shakes his head. 


Castiel, for now, says no more.


Another injection later, and Dean has been begging for the end of his life for the past 20 minutes. It’s agony to Cas’ heart. Dean’s pleadings suddenly stop for a moment.


Castiel looks up and at Dean, whom he is sure has tears in his eyes. Dean still isn’t cured. Not with the mark.

"Cas, you can do it. Put an end to… to…"

Castiel stands there, and gives one shake of his head. “No. I can’t.”

"Cas, please, I can’t… I can’t be this…”

Dean flexes his hand, and something within Cas spots the opportunity, and dives for it. 

He grasps Dean’s hand and almost immediately, pains sears through Cas’ broken, stolen grace, and blinds his senses as he hits the ground.

He screams. 

He silences.

He sees the mark on his arm. He feels it. 

It feels… It feels…

He uncurls himself, and stands up slowly. He looks at the Winchesters.

Castiel grabs the first blade. He hears Dean weakly shout something.

He disappears.


It’s been one month.

Castiel is waiting.

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    “Thank the stars, I was worried that…”

    It’s a breathy statement, full of relief, and hope, and then pain. 

    She finally has enough presence of mind to look around and see exactly where she is - old barn, dark, faint light of the moon filtering in between the boards of the ceiling. 

    She drops her gaze to the floor, letting her eyes scan the dirt floor as her brain slowly starts to kick into gear.

    “… It’s okay. It’s bound to happen sooner or later to an angel on their own.”

    Hael lifts her head, smiling at him ever so slightly. There’s forgiveness in that smile, and a tactile edge to it as her eyes scan every detail. 

    “We’ll get out of this. There’s a way out. There has to be.” 

"No, they wouldn’t do that. I’m too valuable."

Being an angel would be nice, and not an icon. At least it meant that other angels wouldn’t be thrown as unwitting martyrs to the cause. 

He shakes his head.

"We need to get you out.”

Eyes glance around the room, then at the door. It starts to unlock.

Act unconscious.” He hisses up at her, and turns his head to the door as it opens.

He watches them, mute. Steadfast. Watch and learn.

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Like for a starter!

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     Her hand closes on the cold metal of her blade behind her back - it’s almost comforting, minus the chill that travels up her spine at the amount of damage one of these can cause. 

     ”We might still be able to make it out—-“

     That was the last word she managed to get out before Something hard hit her on the back of the head and she fell to the ground with a thump.

     When she woke, she was suspended in air, arms tied above her head and ankles tied to a post behind her back. It was dark, she was groggy, and there was a little voice in the back of her mind to look for someone… But for — oh. That’s when the fright sets in, the fear of being alone yet again. 

                                “Castiel? Castiel, where are you?”

Castiel has clearly already taken more of a beating than Hael; it’s obvious who’s currently seen as the bigger threat.

"I’m here." 

He spits blood as he says it, not sure when the violence had been inflicted on him. Do they not trust him not to attack while unconscious?

Castiel is on the ground; arms tied behind him on the pole adjacent to the other angel. He realises his angel blade has been taken from him; the room starts forming into view as he gains his senses. They’re in some form of barn. A chill runs through him at the echo of memory.

He looks down as he starts to wonder, quiet strategies leaden with guilt in his mind.

"… Hael, I’m sorry.”

If this was his final capture, at least he wouldn’t lead any more angels to their death.

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     Hael sighs, every inch of her body language changing into something more aware, relaxed, ready.

     ”If it will make you more comfortable, I don’t mind leaving. I can always come back later and get more of their french fries.”

     That was when she felt it. Another Angel nearby. Where nearby is another story completely. It shows in the way her head perks up, her eyes scan the people around them, and her left hand moves slowly to the small of her back.

     ”Maybe we should both leave….”

Dammit. Dammit. 

The sense falls on him at the same time as Hael, and part of him wonders why the angel hadn’t bothered to hide his aura. If you’re hunting other angels - that would really make most sense.

Castiel’s hand splays open, and he feels for his blade.

"… We’re probably too late."

A moment later, and Castiel’s vision goes black.

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